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recoil question

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I have a handi-rifle I am considdering getting a new barrel for in 500s&w but first I would like to find out if anyone can tell me what the recoil is. I have a savage 111 270win that I am comfortable shooting but do not want to get much higher in recoil than that. Is there anyone who can give me an idea on the difference?

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leave the 500 be....if 270 Win is a lot of recoil for ya
I have a 444 Marlin...while it doesn't bother me...its hits pretty hard....Now XD is a pretty healthy fella so I imagine its no biggie to him either...

Course you could load em down with hand loads....

The small light weight handi rifles punish you because of their light weight...There aint no free lunch...Handi (light weight...shorter gun) means more punishment for the shooter...generally speaking

Look at that Chuckhawks recoil table and select a cartridge you think would be suitable and see if H&R will make a barrel....They make a bunch of diff. calibers about $85 for a barrel last I checked

As a matter of fact...I have a handi rifle combo....has a 444 Marlin and 270 Win barrel...I've never used the 270 Win barrel
Hey XD...man I was just kidding ya...U is healthy....I didn't say FAT...whoops...guess I just said it

BTW...I just started a liquid diet on 8/3....trying to lose 60 lbs off my fat a$$ myself



best advice I can give is try and meet up with someone on here sometime and try a 444 Marlin out and see if it suits ya...You can come shoot mine anytime
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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