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Relatively Accurate but Inexpensive 22 LR Ammo?

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I've been buying all of my 22 LR in bulk at Wal-Mart (Federal). I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on 22LR that might give me more accuracy. I'm not shooting a high precision weapon but I wonder if there's something better than the bulk Federal. Thanks for your input.
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Look for STANDARD velocity ammo, not high velocity ammo. As a general rule, standard velocity is more accurate than hi-velocity. However, different guns shoot certain ammo better. I would start buying a 50rd box of a bunch of different types of ammo, then comes the hard part.... Spend many hours on the range (calm wind - you are wasting time & ammo on a windy day) with a good rifle rest setup and scope (higher the power the better). Shoot 5rd groups at 50yds to start. Don't shoot too fast... hold the gun as steady as possible. When you find a few types of ammo that group the best, move the target to 100yds and try those types again.

Do your part when shooting for groups. Steady hold and easy trigger squeeze, and holding exact same point of aim each shot (this is where the high scope power comes in).

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