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Relatively Accurate but Inexpensive 22 LR Ammo?

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I've been buying all of my 22 LR in bulk at Wal-Mart (Federal). I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on 22LR that might give me more accuracy. I'm not shooting a high precision weapon but I wonder if there's something better than the bulk Federal. Thanks for your input.
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WHere can I get the Eley around here for $13.00 a box (Without ordering online). Was going to buy some at Vanns but its 24 a box. Ended up buying Federal Match. Would like to get some of that Eley.
I picked up some Aguila Eley Prime today. Dont know how good it is. $6.50 a box at Surplus City. Going to pick up a box of wolf tomorow at Vanns. Wednesday going to the range. Ill be able to see what suits me out of the three, if any of it. Ill be shooting Federal Match, Aquila Eley Prime and Wolf. Based on what everyone says on here about the Wolf, I am thinking "That". Will see Wednesday.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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