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Relatively Accurate but Inexpensive 22 LR Ammo?

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I've been buying all of my 22 LR in bulk at Wal-Mart (Federal). I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on 22LR that might give me more accuracy. I'm not shooting a high precision weapon but I wonder if there's something better than the bulk Federal. Thanks for your input.
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Every gunis different! I do believe some of the folks shooting the 22 F-Class could improve their scores by doing a little load testing.
A most accurate statement by Jpbmidas. Rifles are different. I owned, but later sold, an Anschutz 1712. I tested Wolf Match, Wolf Match Extra, SK Jag, Lapua Center X, Eley Yellow Box, and Eley Black Box. It shot the Wolf Match and Eley Black Box the best and almost equally the same at the Silhouette target distances, which is up to 100 meters. Wolf Match is much cheaper, so that was an easy decision. I now own an Anschutz 1813 Super Match, which is a much heavier rifle, and I tested Wolf Match and Eley Black Box. It strung the Wolf Match shots slightly vertically (6-12 o'clock) at 50 yds and much more pronounced at 100 yds. The Eley shot best, because there was no noticeable vertical movement at 50 or 100 yds. Ask any benchrest or good F Class 600 yd competitor about loads that shoot vertically and see what they say. Get rid of it ! I've got a 100 round test lot of Lapua Center X to test, because it's a little cheaper than Eley. You can order 100 round test lots from Champions Choice over the phone. Ask for a 100 round test lot from the largest lot number that's in stock in case you want to call back, after testing, to order more. Each shooter will have decide whether or not to order a bulk of ammo like a case, which is about 5K rounds I think. Most folks will not shoot that much ammo in a year or more. So the shooter will have to decide the trade off for quantity verses quality depending, of course, on test results, fun factor, $$, and etc. Different velocities also make a differernce in different weather conditions. Ask some rimfire .22 benchrest shooters about this or find a website for free info. Record the velocities and the weather conditions in a small notebook for reference. :machinegun:
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