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What do I need to get started? Equipment?Supplies? Instructional DVD?

Will I save any money with this? I plan on getting a .45 at Christmas as well so that may save some money for sure. This would be as much for fun as it would be for the savings. I always wanted to reload ammo it would be a great skill to learn.

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I would suggest you purchase one of the reloading starter kits from RCBS or Lee. It will include almost everything you need for starters ...

-- Press
-- Powder scale
-- Powder dropper
-- 9mm Reloading dies (carbide only!!)
-- Shell holder
-- Loading Manual - suggest Lyman 49th Edition

-- Empty Brass
-- Powder
-- Primers
-- Bullets

The most important thing you can have is a mentor. I am sure there are a couple members here on the board from your area of the state that reload and would let you come over and observe a couple times BEFORE you purchase the first piece of equipment!!
The experience would be most helpful ....

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We recently had a very nicely done bullet casting class...Done by Subgunfan and Captain-03 at Magnolia Rifle Pistol Club....

I'd bet if we asked em real nice....(beg) They do one on pistol, rifle and maybe even shotgun reloading.....when it cools off....

Some kinda hot right now

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Loading 9x19mm ammo for accuracy

For the most accurate ammo, use a steel die, not a tungsten-carbide die. The 9x19mm is a tapered case and the T-C dies do not size them that way. The base of the case is reduced to the size of the neck and the case is cylindrical when full length sized in TC die. This can allow the rear of the case to have more slop than a case sized in a tapered steel die.

I use a TC die for most applications but the tapered die produces more accurate ammo in my SIG P225.

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