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Reloading Bench

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Now that I'm finally in the reloading world it's time for me to get a good bench. What do yall think of this one?


It is harbor freight after all but it looks like it could work well. What is everyone else using?
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I think it would probably work. My concerns are with the legs, typically the bolts on cheaper knockdown furniture are pretty loose. I'd use some threadlocker. If it is too wobbly, attach some thin plywood to the back of the legs, will work wonders. It's also not very deep, so plan on being neat and organized. The drawers are nice, but you'll definitely need some storage on shelves above the bench or nearby. Depending on how much heavy crap you keep on the bottom shelf you may have to anchor it to the wall with some angle brackets.

I don't think it's your ultimate solution, but should work for awhile.

You've probably seen this, but here's mine, scroll to end for finished product. It's working well so far.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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