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Reloading Bench

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Now that I'm finally in the reloading world it's time for me to get a good bench. What do yall think of this one?


It is harbor freight after all but it looks like it could work well. What is everyone else using?
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There's a link on here somewhere with some nice reloading bench plans....built ya one

I only buy throw away tools at Harborfreight

my new bench is based off this design...build ya one or find someone good with wood to build ya a nice sturdy one

I've loaded on a POS for many years...Trust me...spend a little time, effort and money getting your reloading area "right"

just got this built when I did my "man cave" in the house

Plenty of storage area below the bench

I'm still getting it all organized

Has phone, computer and gun racks...all I need know is a TV and Frige and I can shut the door in total peace!

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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