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A person would need a Type 6 FFL to manufacture ammunition*. The ATF has decided to classify, regulate, "in the business of manufacturing ammunition" as anyone who sells ammo that they have made, loaded, or reloaded. That would include hand loads and reloads. They have also reinterpreted this to also mean bartering hand loads and reloads. It has to the with the legal theory of "Fruits of the Crime".

However, any person that is not prohibited can sell ammo that they posses that was legally "manufactured". That means any big name brand ammo, small brand, remanufactured, etc just as long as the "manufacturer" had a Type 6 FFL. A person can also hand load or reload for themselves as much as they like. A person may also gift reloaded or hand loaded ammo. This is what ATF cannot outlaw or tax for the time being.

* The really fun stuff requires a Type 10 FFL to "manufacture".

Not saying I agree. Just trying to keep fellow 2A minded people out of trouble.
Dude excellent info man much appreciated..no matter how old I get I love to learn new things...thanks for taking the time to educate my dumb ass
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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