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Reloading Service Rifles - Safety Concerns:

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This is a great site detailing the safety concerns when reloading for "Service Rifles" like the Garand, Carbine, M1A, M14, and ARs. A good read and reference:

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PhilipM--regarding the primer pocket losing depth: is that with Lake City brass?
The reason I opened my mouth wuz, the 7.62X51LC I useta shoot is way harder and beefier, at the expense of case volume, in the case head than the WW .308 I use now. The Federal brass that I used for a little while quickly started to loosen up on the primers, and I wasn't loading hot (168s, 41.5gr. 4895).
I thought about culling cases with offcenter flashholes--some people do--and decided against it 'cause there was so many. 'Course I didn't hit much of anything, either.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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