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Reloading Service Rifles - Safety Concerns:

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This is a great site detailing the safety concerns when reloading for "Service Rifles" like the Garand, Carbine, M1A, M14, and ARs. A good read and reference:

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Good info Phillip. I shot today with my M1A and had doubles twice. That did not surprise me as I had measured the new Winchester commercial brass and most had shallow pockets. I got in the Sinclair tool and before vs after using the tool there is a big difference. With a calibrated depth micrometer some of the loads were between .0025 and .003" on the primer below the base of the case. I'll feel better with that depth being about .004 to .006". BTW, one of the doubles I had loaded the CCI #34 primer, but it just would not seat any deeper than .0025". There is some difference in primer heights between different brands. Tim
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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