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Reloading Service Rifles - Safety Concerns:

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This is a great site detailing the safety concerns when reloading for "Service Rifles" like the Garand, Carbine, M1A, M14, and ARs. A good read and reference:

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judgedelta said:
I bookmarked and will read it carefully. Anyone got a favorite, (reliable, accurate, safe) pet load for a M1A?
Lake City 67 Match case
WW large rifle primer
168 gr Sierra or Hornady Match bullet
41 gr IMR 4895

Fired thousands of them in a Winchester Model 70 Target rifle and a Springfield M1A. They did well in both rifles. Never segregated any loads, just used them in either rifle.

judgedelta said:
What about the same load in commercial cases? Would you go up a grain or leave it as is? What overall length? Thanks...
All you can do is try it. At least it would not increase pressure. I use a chronograph on most rifle loads.

As I said, I loaded thousands of these loads for my M1a. I shot the original NM barrel off the rifle, then rebarreled with an Olympia Arms NM barrel and did a reglassing of the rifle. The load was great in the M1A and in my Model 70 Target Rifle it would shoot 3/4" groups at 100 yards from the prone position. I once fired a 200-13X on the 100 yard MR-31 target, with the Model 70 Winchester. The overall length I used was the same as the Lake City M118 7.62 NM ammo.

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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