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Reloading Table ideas

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Does any one have any ideas on where I could find a good reloading table? I built my last one and my wife has officially said I can start reloading in our bedroom so I don't have to go outside anymore. Lol so plans or places to look would be great thanks guys.
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Have you looked in surplus office or kitchen supply liquidators? Dunno where you are, but the larger cities usually have at least one. Military bases sometimes have surplus outlets, too. I bought mine from an office liquidator. It looks something like this:


It cost me $75 and I had to get a friend to help me unload it when I got it home, but it's well worth it. I wish I'da bought two. Mine is ~42" x 72" and has an upper shelf, power strip w/circuit breaker, and a lower shelf. Mine is obviously meant for office or technical work, but a pizza table or big kitchen prep table would work, too. With all the business folding up, finding a scrap table shouldn't be impossible.
You might find one of the type of tables we were talkin' about at a liquidator auction. This place claims they'll be selling "office furniture and equipment". I dunno what that means--it could be desks and magazine stands for all we know.


I found them and several others by Googling "auctions in hattiesburg ms"
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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