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Reloading Table ideas

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Does any one have any ideas on where I could find a good reloading table? I built my last one and my wife has officially said I can start reloading in our bedroom so I don't have to go outside anymore. Lol so plans or places to look would be great thanks guys.
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who says U can't load on a small portable card table in the bedroom in the A/C?

Oh Yeah same folks who say you can't load good ammo with Cheapo Lee Dies and Presses....

A thing of beauty it aint....cluttered it is...I deal with it.....but it gets the job done.......One day I'll have a real man cave....

Wait till you alox some bullets in the bedroom...That's when you find out how "loyal" your woman is
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send me details
Lord knows I needs an upgrade


Bubbat get ready bro
I'm just gonna have to build me a "man house"... :lol4:

One with a concrete and steel gun vault

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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