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Reloading Table ideas

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Does any one have any ideas on where I could find a good reloading table? I built my last one and my wife has officially said I can start reloading in our bedroom so I don't have to go outside anymore. Lol so plans or places to look would be great thanks guys.
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Hey that would be great "SubGunFan". I built the one I'm using now with a two inch birch top so it's solid as a rock but it's in our utility room and heat of summer and the dryer and the cold of winter and the moisture of the washing machine can't be good for all my powder. So deal is if I move around some furniture for the wife I get to reload inside. IN THE AC. Lol but I will have a little more room than I do now but space is still limited.
That's exactly like what I'm looking for. I didn't think about surplus or liquidators. Good thinkin. I appreciate the info. It's a shame they are priced that high new huh??
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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