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Remington 1911-R1

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Yup, gotta put more beauty in the world...with all them Glucks around. :lol4: Looks like I may have to add one of those to the collection...if it's a true 70 series design.
Edit: Just read it has the 80 series crap on it...dammitt. Nice looking pistol though.
Yea me too, it's easy enough to remove...just wish they would leave it off to begin with. :x
I used a New 80 series slide to build on a 70 series frame, and just used an 80 series pin and extractor...if ya have a 80 series pistol you have to use spacers after removing the parts in the frame. This wasn't the link i was looking for, but it will give you an idea where the spacers go...still looking for the link i had that offers the spacers.


This will give you a better look at what is involved...even though this on an external extractor pistol, you can see where the spacer needs to go in the frame.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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