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Remington 700 Upgrades

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I have a 700 .30-06 that I would like to improve. First, I want to replace the stock with one that will free float the barrel.

What are some reccomendations? I want to install it myself and I don't need to break the bank.
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I found instructions on the Internet and adjusted my trigger. They are user adjustable. I think there was two adjustment screws. You have to remove the action from the stock.
What is the difference between ADL, BDL and CDL?

Mine has a basic synthetic stock with blind magazine. It also came with iron sights. I need to remove the front, still.
How difficult/ expensive to add a detachable mag?
If yours has the adjustable trigger, the DIY trigger is the way to go!
The instructions I had included several tests to ensure reliability.
I'm leaning toward the hogue, just can't bet the price. How expensive to convert to detachable magazine or bel style from blind magazine?
Is it pretty much a bolt on? Pics?
I don't have them anymore as I am on a new computer since then. I searched the Internet and found a couple. Read over them and you'll know which to use. I went with the one that had more safety checks and went into greater detail with each step. It also had diagrams soi knew I was turning the correct screw.
1 - 9 of 30 Posts
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