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Remington 700 Upgrades

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I have a 700 .30-06 that I would like to improve. First, I want to replace the stock with one that will free float the barrel.

What are some reccomendations? I want to install it myself and I don't need to break the bank.
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Look at the hogue OM stocks with the full aluminum bedding block. I bought one for my wife's .243 and we like it.
useto said:
What would you recommend in a trigger job? I have a 700 adl in 300 wm and would like to do something similar. Also; can the adl be converted to a detachable magazine?
I know you can with the .308 family.
jbpmidas said:
I'm leaning toward the hogue, just can't bet the price. How expensive to convert to detachable magazine or bel style from blind magazine?
I like mine a lot. I went from a blind style(bdl) to a flop down (adl). All I had to do was change out the bottom metal, bought it off eBay. Less than $100.
Yes, I'll see what I can do on some pics.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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