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Remington 7400 series .30-06

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So, almost two or three months ago I was at Gold 'N Guns on Hwy 51 and handled a rifle I knew nothing about. It was a semi auto .30-06 with a decent scope on it. And was priced at below $200. It was in pretty good condition, clean action, clean bore, action seemed to cycle well. I just didn't know what it was..... so I started thinking to myself and did some google searches, only to find out how awesome that rifle can be (and how horrible too)!

Well, two days ago, I was in another shop and saw what I believe to be the exact same rifle, priced at $310.

I'd like to buy a hunting rifle, and I've thought long and hard about buying a Garand this summer from CMP. I just don't know much about the remington, and honestly don't know too many specifics on garands (like what a nearly dead action looks like compared to a pristine action, and so on). Should I make a deposit on the remington, or save up and purchase a field or service grade Garand?

I'd like to be able to shoot the rifle (either one) on a regular basis and not be plagued with worry over whether or not something will break after a hundred rounds (there's much conversation over the remington rifles and some issues similar to that).

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I'm aware the Garand is a superior rifle (please don't think that I would pass up getting a garand for the remington.. maybe just delay the purchase for while LOL).

How old is old? I've heard rumors that remington won't/can't service that series rifle any longer. Are they easily maintenanced by a gun smith?
I honestly don't know. I'm not a hunter really. I wouldn't mind getting into it for a few days a season to "get away from it all". I have lots of friends who hunt deer and they would probably take me out with them. I'm not sure about what kind of distance I'd be going for with my shots, but probably less than 300 yards.

The Garand would be a shooter fore sure, I'd probably hunt with it too, given the opportunity, Hah. But I figured this rifle would be a pretty decent hunting rifle for the price, being a semi auto .30-06, it's pretty light, and as I said, it has a scope on it, although I don't know what kind. the bluing is in pretty good condition, but the rifle looks pretty old and well used. I'm not exactly sure if it's worth what he's asking (Especially considering I could just about swear I saw the exact same rifle at another shop for less).
By wind of what you're saying, Doug, it sounds like I should let this one pass.

Eh, probably for the better as I really don't know too much about them. And a garand is going to be an all around better weapon no matter what.

Now.. I wonder how difficult it would be to engineer a mount for a scope with a rail for a garand....? lol
Because I wouldn't want to use a bolt action for anything but hunting. At least I can recreationaly shoot a semi auto and enjoy it outside of a hunting environment.

I'm disinterested in a weapon that is unserviceable by it's maker, and could possibly have a known receiver and ejector issue.

After viewing the garand "sniper" rifles, I'm pretty sure I could draw up a bracket in cad similar to what they used, bend it in a break, and add a rail to it. That should work pretty well if you ask me.

Forgive me for not understanding the weight problems some of you guys are having. You must be wuss'... going through a few acres of woods with a garand is not that difficult. That weapon is not that heavy, And that's why god invented slings!

In case anyone is interested in the Remington rifle, it's at Village Pawn on Old Canton road next to Sal & Phils in Ridgeland.
I loathe AR style rifles. I hated having to clean my M4 after a range day when i was in.

They jam, they get dirty as hell, and I'm not very fond if the .223 at all. I would consider an AR 10, and I would consider something in 6.8 if I absolutely had to have an AR.... but hopefully I will never convince myself I have a need for one.
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