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Remington 7400 series .30-06

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So, almost two or three months ago I was at Gold 'N Guns on Hwy 51 and handled a rifle I knew nothing about. It was a semi auto .30-06 with a decent scope on it. And was priced at below $200. It was in pretty good condition, clean action, clean bore, action seemed to cycle well. I just didn't know what it was..... so I started thinking to myself and did some google searches, only to find out how awesome that rifle can be (and how horrible too)!

Well, two days ago, I was in another shop and saw what I believe to be the exact same rifle, priced at $310.

I'd like to buy a hunting rifle, and I've thought long and hard about buying a Garand this summer from CMP. I just don't know much about the remington, and honestly don't know too many specifics on garands (like what a nearly dead action looks like compared to a pristine action, and so on). Should I make a deposit on the remington, or save up and purchase a field or service grade Garand?

I'd like to be able to shoot the rifle (either one) on a regular basis and not be plagued with worry over whether or not something will break after a hundred rounds (there's much conversation over the remington rifles and some issues similar to that).

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I have a 7400 in .270 and my dad has a 742woodmaster in 30-06.
Ive shot my .270 alot with no problems.
My dads 742 is pretty old, and he had a problem with it goin into battery but got it fixed..

The old ones have jamming issues from what i can tell. Hunting rifle, yes. Would i buy a Garand over the 7400, you better believe it!!

Just from my few outtings shooting the garand and being able to hit a 20" gong at 664yds with a single shot. Ill take it anyday, being a battle rifle thats able to do that.
Ill run the serial numbers on mine and his and report back..

Mine has a different 2 lugs lock in the breech (similar to a rem 700 Bolt action) were as his has 4 or 6 small locking lugs.
How far you plan on hunting?
I would feel comfortable with mine out to 250yds. They arent exactly the best grouping rifle but they will shoot 2 MOD instead of MOA.. (minutes of deer) :lol:
IF it has the 2 locking lugs id get it,, if the had the smaller 4 or 6 locking lugs id pass on it.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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