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Remington 7400 series .30-06

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So, almost two or three months ago I was at Gold 'N Guns on Hwy 51 and handled a rifle I knew nothing about. It was a semi auto .30-06 with a decent scope on it. And was priced at below $200. It was in pretty good condition, clean action, clean bore, action seemed to cycle well. I just didn't know what it was..... so I started thinking to myself and did some google searches, only to find out how awesome that rifle can be (and how horrible too)!

Well, two days ago, I was in another shop and saw what I believe to be the exact same rifle, priced at $310.

I'd like to buy a hunting rifle, and I've thought long and hard about buying a Garand this summer from CMP. I just don't know much about the remington, and honestly don't know too many specifics on garands (like what a nearly dead action looks like compared to a pristine action, and so on). Should I make a deposit on the remington, or save up and purchase a field or service grade Garand?

I'd like to be able to shoot the rifle (either one) on a regular basis and not be plagued with worry over whether or not something will break after a hundred rounds (there's much conversation over the remington rifles and some issues similar to that).

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I think you would be surprised at the number of people using the 7400 for hunting. You do see reports of problems, but I think when you research it, the majority of the people who use it for hunting and not shooting 1000's of rounds of target practice, the gun runs fine.

I have a 7400 in .243 and just picked up older 742 .308 (Carbine). While I normally use a Browning BAR in either 308 or 30-06 to hunt with, I have seen nothing bad personally with the Remingtons. The bottom line is for the price you were talking about, you might as well get it. Someone will always buy it later if you don't like it. I just picked up the Model 742 in .308 because it is hard to find in the carbine (18 1/2" barrel - usually see the 30-06's that way) and paid more than you are describing just because I wanted that particular gun and it was in very good condition.

For information - the 742 was made from 1960 - 1980 I believe, then the 7400 began.
I will also add that I would not select a M1 Garand over the remington for an occasional hunting rifle (as you described you are looking for). I have a Garand also and it is great to go shoot at the range and is better quality (assuming you get one in good shape), worth more, etc, etc - however, IMO it is just to big and heavy for most hunting situations. Plus, I want a scope on my deer rifle and the Garand is just not set-up to have one. There will be people that will debate this and say all you need is open sights or whatever, but having hunted for for more than 25 years, I want to make sure I can make a good shot when one of those few opportunities comes around.

I would advise to just go ahead and get both!
I believe the 7400 is still serviced by Remington. I think it is the the 742 that is not.

Again, I am specking from experience as a hunter - who also shoots a lot. I usually have around a dozen hunting rifles and as stated above, more times than not end up with a auto. I will say it is usually a Browning though.

As for "out shooting" the autos with a bolt action. I don't think anyone is going to agrue that on a range. But in real hunting situations, the auto is just as good. When you are starting to talk about sub-MOA's difference between the two types, that is discussions for range performance. If you are shooting 1" groups at 100 yards with any good, you are more than good to go to the woods with the weapon. You need to know how and where to shoot it at a live/moving target that is not clearly stepped off at 100 yards shooting from a bench rest.

As for the weight issue of the guns, to me the reduced weight is just a benefit because the gun is shorter. The shortness of the barrel allows you to ease through thicker woods while snagging on fewer tree branches and stuff. I could go marching through the woods with my garand, but I am not storming a beach in Europe - I will choose the gun that gives me more of an advantage.

As stated above, get a selection of different types and decide what you like. That;s the fun way to do it.
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