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Remington 7400 series .30-06

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So, almost two or three months ago I was at Gold 'N Guns on Hwy 51 and handled a rifle I knew nothing about. It was a semi auto .30-06 with a decent scope on it. And was priced at below $200. It was in pretty good condition, clean action, clean bore, action seemed to cycle well. I just didn't know what it was..... so I started thinking to myself and did some google searches, only to find out how awesome that rifle can be (and how horrible too)!

Well, two days ago, I was in another shop and saw what I believe to be the exact same rifle, priced at $310.

I'd like to buy a hunting rifle, and I've thought long and hard about buying a Garand this summer from CMP. I just don't know much about the remington, and honestly don't know too many specifics on garands (like what a nearly dead action looks like compared to a pristine action, and so on). Should I make a deposit on the remington, or save up and purchase a field or service grade Garand?

I'd like to be able to shoot the rifle (either one) on a regular basis and not be plagued with worry over whether or not something will break after a hundred rounds (there's much conversation over the remington rifles and some issues similar to that).

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I am not a big fan of the Remington Semi-auto centerfire rifles. The problem with them is that sheet metal extractor. They break fairly easily. The big problem is the amount of work it takes to replace the extractor. The barrel has to be removed, the old extractor removed and a new extractor has to be riveted into the bolt. I have not worked on any 7400 series rifles but I assume the system is the same.

Let the chamber get a bit rusty or dirty in a Remington semi-auto CF rifle and watch the bolt shed the extractor.

Xd357 said:
Why not buy a bolt action?
I have 2 bolt action rifles. A Win Mod 70 Pre-War in .270 WCF and a Yugo Mauser Model 1924 restocked and rebarreled to .243 Winchester. Both of them will outshoot most Semi-Auto rifles

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