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Remington 870 news

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Remington has announced production of its ten millionth Model 870 shotgun

think they are any good?

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I own several 870's. I prefer the 870 wingmasters. Before the 870 expresses. They are the cadillacs the expresses are the newer less polished and cheaper ones. I always said remington hurt themselves offering the cheaper line 870's they aren't as good a quality gun as the wingmasters.

With the less polished guns action smoothness suffers overall looks really suffers. But I have had good luck with the express line of the 870. I have owned many. The only main problem I have encountered is with the chambers being rough and the shells sticking after shooting.

This is a easy fix all you do is polish the chamber and the problem goes away. I bought a new 870 super mag last week and the first thing I did was to polish the chamber before even putting the barrel on the gun.

I use a section of shotgun cleaning rod with 12 ga brush and wrapped with 0000 steel wool powered by a drill. This smooths up the chamber without removing metal and is a quick fix for the only real problem I have found with the expresses.

The 870's are great guns and one of the best I have ever used. I have tried many different brands and the 870 is my favorite. I grew up shooting winchester model 12's and ithica model 37's both were good guns but when I got a 870 with the double action bars I found my favorite shotguns back then the express line wasn't even dreamed of only the wingmasters were available. It was one fine looking gun and was leaps and bounds ahead of the others for looks. And they shot as good as they looked.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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