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Remington 1148 (Mohawk) in 12 gauge. DOM/Barrel Code puts it as December 1957. Customer recently obtained it, it wouldn’t feed from the Mag Tube. At some point, some genius scratched his name in the left side of the Receiver and on the Trigger Guard, not my customer. After an initial function check and disassembly, found the Carrier Latch Pin was broken, allowing the Carrier Latch to move around. The pin is a pain to remove, it’s in a blind hole. The best way I’ve ever found to remove them is by clamping the Carrier in place with an aviation Cleco Clamp and LIGHTLY drill into the top with a #51 (.067) drill bit and pulling it out after the bit catches. The pin hole in the Receiver had become amorphous, the original pin diameter was .096, so I made a new pin from .100 stock, which still fit the hole through the Carrier Latch, allowing flexibility. Test fired.
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I thought everyone knew J. T. LOVE:). I like the antique now 1148 Remington shotguns with mechanical [not gas operated action.] The 20 gauge version is a light weight, easy handling, hunting gun. The 12 gauge is probably good too, just more thump.
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