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Removing Military Primers

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I've grown tired of pitching brass because it has a military primer.

Anyone have any tips they'd like to share for swaging primer pockets....Have given the following some thought...

Looks like it might be a little difficult to set up...not sure...RCBS Primer pocket Swager Combo...Not sure it will work in my Lee Progressive

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*******, I use the swager unit you posted about. I have it set up in a separate older single stage press that is dedicated to swaging. I've done thousands of .223 and .308 with it. Its relatively easy once its set correctly. This unit is the same die thread as all other std dies so it should fit. I have bent the rod a few time in it though due to finicky cases of different makes. Just pounded it back out flat with a hammer. I don't have a progressive press so I'm not sure if it would work in one.

But, no, don't throw out brass due to mil crimps. Keep it all! And even in a desperate situation even berdan primed cases can be reloaded with some extra work.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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