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Removing Military Primers

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I've grown tired of pitching brass because it has a military primer.

Anyone have any tips they'd like to share for swaging primer pockets....Have given the following some thought...

Looks like it might be a little difficult to set up...not sure...RCBS Primer pocket Swager Combo...Not sure it will work in my Lee Progressive

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Rbelote said:
Get a dillon 600 swager.
I have a dillon 600 and do recommend it - it will do a lot of cases in a short time; however, it is pricey $90-$100 and not really worth the money if you only use it for a small amount of brass .... I used it on about 10,000 .223 cases and it worked great.

Agree with HAMMER - a deburring tool (I like the Lyman one over the RCBS) and a couple quick turns in the primer pocket and the crimp is gone .. When selecting the reburring tool, make sure it will fit into your primer pocket ... I have one for .45acp and another for .223 and 9mm.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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