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Removing Military Primers

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I've grown tired of pitching brass because it has a military primer.

Anyone have any tips they'd like to share for swaging primer pockets....Have given the following some thought...

Looks like it might be a little difficult to set up...not sure...RCBS Primer pocket Swager Combo...Not sure it will work in my Lee Progressive

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I use a Lee universal decapping die and an RCBS primer pocket swage kit. It doesn't cut or remove any metal from the pocket. It forces or swages the crimp from the primer pocket so that the brass can be primed like commercial brass. This is more reliable then the Lyman primer pocket reamers which can remove too much brass resulting in loose primers.
What drives the swage tool to expand away the crimp? Do you hit it, push it in the loading press, or what?
It consists of a standard size 7/8 x 14 die with a stem that runs the length of the die and a punch that fits in the shell holder slot of the press. You run the brass into the die up to the adjustable stem, then press the swage punch up into the primer pocket. This swages the crimp out of the primer pocket.

It's kinda slow but you only have to do it once and the crimp is gone for good.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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