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Required training for concealed carry permits

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This is a letter I sent to a guy in Ohio. Their State Law requires an NRA Basic Pistol Course for the issuance of Ohio's Concealed Carry Permit. I know shooters in Ohio and they tell me their training classes can cost as much as $200.00. Here is a letter I sent him about the subject:

Louisiana recognizes it as well as Florida. No problem here. Louisiana
requires a certain course of fire and the covering of laws, by a law
officer, concerning the use of firearms in self defense. If it were a
problem, I also have NRA Pistol Instructor credentials. Mississippi does not
require training and that is how it ought to be. I have seen too many
instructors charging $150-200 for classes because they are required for the
issuance of the CCW. Our club charges $50, including the use of loaner
firearms and ammunition.

Do I think training is a good idea? Yes I do, but it corrupts itself into a
money making scheme in most areas and can stop a person on a fixed income from having a carry permit issued.

Doug Bowser
Southwest Gun Club, Inc.
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It's a slippery slope.

Just to show how the government creeps into our lives to regulate things and to get revenue from it:

My daddy was born in 1922. He used to tell me that in the early days, cars had no license plates and drivers required no license.

His first drivers license cost 25 cents and he mailed it in and received the license back in the mail.

And I put some of the first vehicle inspection stickers on cars in Mississippi. That was back around 1963. The cost was $1.25.

Whatever the government regulates WILL cost more and more and get more and more restrictive.
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