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Required training for concealed carry permits

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This is a letter I sent to a guy in Ohio. Their State Law requires an NRA Basic Pistol Course for the issuance of Ohio's Concealed Carry Permit. I know shooters in Ohio and they tell me their training classes can cost as much as $200.00. Here is a letter I sent him about the subject:

Louisiana recognizes it as well as Florida. No problem here. Louisiana
requires a certain course of fire and the covering of laws, by a law
officer, concerning the use of firearms in self defense. If it were a
problem, I also have NRA Pistol Instructor credentials. Mississippi does not
require training and that is how it ought to be. I have seen too many
instructors charging $150-200 for classes because they are required for the
issuance of the CCW. Our club charges $50, including the use of loaner
firearms and ammunition.

Do I think training is a good idea? Yes I do, but it corrupts itself into a
money making scheme in most areas and can stop a person on a fixed income from having a carry permit issued.

Doug Bowser
Southwest Gun Club, Inc.
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I had my CWP in my home State of South Carolina for many years.

They required a safety course for CWP.

I'm glad MS does not.
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