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After a poll and discussion garnered much more response than the one here did, I reached a solution that I believe is the best compromise of all the feedback I got from the March Steel Spectacular about how to have a "special" match that would appeal to the most people.

Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s
Shotgun Showdown
Sunday, August 20

This is a shotgun match, but PCC’s and pistols can shoot too. Basically the same as semi’s in ICORE. Shotguns are the focus, and the others are there for fun.

There will be a mix of steel, paper, clays, and other fun and interesting targets to test your shotgun skills.

Expect the stages to be around 30 rounds minimum, so reloads will be required. We will have loading boards on the stages and we will have a few loaner caddies available too.

  1. Pump
  2. Practical - not pump or unlimited
  3. Unlimited - red dots, detachable mags, etc.
  4. Other - pistols or PCCs - won’t shoot clay targets, but won’t be assessed penalties either

  • Shotguns are $15 to offset the price of the clays and other expenditures
  • Others are $10 to cover the paper and pasters they’ll use

As a result of feedback from the March Steel Spectacular, there will be a maximum of 52 slots for this match. That is four squads of 13 shooters. A maximum of four of those in each squad will be allowed to shoot twice. That totals eight slots and leaves five other single division shooters for a minimum of nine individuals in the squad. To be allowed to shoot twice, one of your divisions must be a shotgun. We will also be evenly dispersing shotgun/pistol/PCC among the squads.

In order for your spot to be held, online payment will be required.

Registration information and stages will be forthcoming. I just wanted our shooters to know that their comments and suggestions were taken into consideration, and we will give this match a try in August.
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