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Review of my 264 LBC/ 6.5 Grendel

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Ok everyone I want to give a little review on my new 264LBC/6.5 Grendel barrel I just received from Black Hole Weaponry .

First off I want to give a Thank you to Carl at BHW, he seen on a forum where I was asking about the Polygonal Rifling and sent me a message telling me to call him and he would help me out with it.
So after a little talking and great customer service on his part I had a lot better idea of what this type of rifling was all about.
Next step for me was to find a builder for my upper I was wanting , and I came across New Frontier to do the build for me and to my great surprise he was using Black Hole Weaponry as there barrel supplier , That made it that much better since I had a firsthand idea of what I was getting. So after a few phone calls with Ritch at New Frontier we had a plan on the build .

So after my wait for the barrel and upper to be built, I finally had it arrive at the house and was very pleased at the looks and craftsmen ship put in to the upper. New Frontier did a great job on the build along with Black Hole doing a great job on the barrel build.
I put it on a Superior lower I had and it was a great fit . My dies or chronograph hadn’t made it to the house yet so I was forced to do my break in with factory Alexander Arms 120 NBT and some 123 Scenar both using Lapua brass . I did the requested break in of 5 rounds then cleaning, to the 60 rounds total like Black hole recommends , Then I went to shooting 6 shot groups at 100 yards .

Both loads were under MOA but the 120 NBT were the best ones for my set up, I had a average grouping with it of less than .500 The 123 Scenar were averaging .715

I will be doing a follow up on the 6.5 after I get my dies and chronograph in so I can really do a little fine tuning with different loads. But I am more than pleased with the results so far out of factory ammo and the ease of cleaning and accuracy of the 3 Polygonal Rifling and the quality of this upper and barrel.

Here is the specs to my build.

Black Hole barrel 24” 3 Polygonal
Yankee hill free float tube
DPMS gas block
Yankee hill upper Receiver
BCG from Black Hole Weaponry
Superior lower
Ace Skeleton stock

Thanks Billy White

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I will be testing a 6.8 and a 6x45 this time home, hope to get some good loads worked up for them along with some finr tuning on this 6.5 Grendel
Yes if i dont run out of time , i will be doing some 200 and 300 yd shooting with all 3 of them.

The 6x45 has really been picking up as a hot caliber for predator and deer hunters, gives you the best of both worlds with such a wide range of bullets to load in it compared to the 223
yep its a 223 case shooting 243 bullets
The 6.5 Grendel was made for 1000 yd AR competiton shooting it will shoot circles around the 223 . For long range and energy it out proforms the 223 at both.
I am shooting 120 gr bullets from this one you can go from 85 to 130 in the AR .
Oh my bad i forgot we were talking about the 6x45 , it will not shoot with the 223 at long range . It is a good 300 to 400 yd gun but with the highy BC and heavier bullets it does cut the wind alot better then the 223 just has alittle more drop being most of the time you will be shooting heavier bullets. But you can shoot the 60 or 65 gr bullets and have higher BC and pretty much hang right with the 223. But with the 6x45 you have the choice of loading all the way up to 105 gr for better knock down.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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