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Review of my 264 LBC/ 6.5 Grendel

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Ok everyone I want to give a little review on my new 264LBC/6.5 Grendel barrel I just received from Black Hole Weaponry .

First off I want to give a Thank you to Carl at BHW, he seen on a forum where I was asking about the Polygonal Rifling and sent me a message telling me to call him and he would help me out with it.
So after a little talking and great customer service on his part I had a lot better idea of what this type of rifling was all about.
Next step for me was to find a builder for my upper I was wanting , and I came across New Frontier to do the build for me and to my great surprise he was using Black Hole Weaponry as there barrel supplier , That made it that much better since I had a firsthand idea of what I was getting. So after a few phone calls with Ritch at New Frontier we had a plan on the build .

So after my wait for the barrel and upper to be built, I finally had it arrive at the house and was very pleased at the looks and craftsmen ship put in to the upper. New Frontier did a great job on the build along with Black Hole doing a great job on the barrel build.
I put it on a Superior lower I had and it was a great fit . My dies or chronograph hadn’t made it to the house yet so I was forced to do my break in with factory Alexander Arms 120 NBT and some 123 Scenar both using Lapua brass . I did the requested break in of 5 rounds then cleaning, to the 60 rounds total like Black hole recommends , Then I went to shooting 6 shot groups at 100 yards .

Both loads were under MOA but the 120 NBT were the best ones for my set up, I had a average grouping with it of less than .500 The 123 Scenar were averaging .715

I will be doing a follow up on the 6.5 after I get my dies and chronograph in so I can really do a little fine tuning with different loads. But I am more than pleased with the results so far out of factory ammo and the ease of cleaning and accuracy of the 3 Polygonal Rifling and the quality of this upper and barrel.

Here is the specs to my build.

Black Hole barrel 24” 3 Polygonal
Yankee hill free float tube
DPMS gas block
Yankee hill upper Receiver
BCG from Black Hole Weaponry
Superior lower
Ace Skeleton stock

Thanks Billy White

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