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  1. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Ok how many of you carry a revolver as a carry handgun or use one as a HD handgun for the nite stand? I have a soft spot for the revolver and my first carry was a Taurus UL 38 spl. I still at times carry my S&W M10 snub or my Ruger Security Six 357mag with 4" barrel. Matter of fact I just order 4 Bianchi speed strips so I could have reload if I decided to go old school on my carry. I figure 5-6 rounds vs 6-8 of the compact semi's now days.

    So who of us still utilizes a revolver for more than just a range toy?
  2. onlymaroonmatters

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    I keep a LCR 38 in living room end table drawer next to my recliner. It's also my river gun and yard work gun with rat shot loaded. Sometimes is my Church gun on my ankle if that's the only thing I can conceal. Have numerous Speed strips as well as regular speed loaders. The strips just work better in the pocket but aren't as fast as dropping all 5 rounds at once.
    My Sp101 has been enjoying being a safe queen loaded with hornday 357 leverevolutions.

  3. jakeg823

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    I had Ruger LCRs in .357 and 9mm, and a SP101 in .357(wife still has hers). I carried the .357 LCR a lot when I had it. But in the end it didn’t conceal nearly as well as say the Glock 43 and definitely not as well as my LCP.

    The SP and LCR concealed fine on the hip and IWB, but my dress code means I’m either stuck with pocket carry, or some sort of tuckable contraption, of which I’ve never found one I liked. Revolvers don’t lend themselves as well to pocket carry, in my experience, and I don’t like the idea of ankle carry.

    I want another .357 LCR eventually, but I’d never do the 9mm one again. I fired 15 rounds and sold it.
  4. Cliff731

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    Aye, Sir!!! Present and accounted for!!! :)
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  5. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Yeah I'd really like to have a sp101 and the S&W L-frame 44, myself. I usually carry OWB, but have a nice Theis for my M10 and Ruger that rides well for a revolver IWB. I would love to have about 4 split six speedloader pouches. Then you could carry the speed loaders without looking like something was growing out of your side.
  6. para40

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    Lamar Co.
  7. TwangBanger

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    I keep a
    4" S&W pre-model 10 in my wife's night stand
    3" S&W model 13 in my night stand
    4" Ruger Police Service Six in my vehicle
    4" Rossi Model 851 in my wife's vehicle
    I often pocket-carry a S&W Model 638 w/ 2 Bianchi Speed Strips
    I sometimes (OWB & covered) carry a Ruger SBH Bisley 3.75" in .44 Mag just cause I like it.
  8. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    I have often thought of carrying a SA 45 colt. with a backup.
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  9. maxhush

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    NW MS
    That's what bandoliers and chest rigs are for! Don't go to Walmart without 'em!
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  10. Mesquite

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    Periodically carry DW 357-OWB, with at least 2 speed loaders. (Typically a couple rat shot also.)
  11. melmerf

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    I usually roll untucked with plenty of pockets. Thuswise the SP101 .357 2 1/4 inch rides in a Galco OWB at about 1600 with two speedloaders in a pocket. This is usually my weekend go-to-the-store setup. The holster is a little loose but my fat aids in retention.:)
    A pre model 10 S&W .38 4 inch rides in the night stand, just as the same gun did in my Grandpappy & Dad's day. A little Charter .38 is my "snake" gun in the yard. Otherwise it's Glock 19 & 2 mags.
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  12. senilking

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  13. Vick

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    I most often carry a Charter Arms Bulldog stainless .44 Special; alternately I sometimes (for a change) carry an S&W M-66 4" .357 Mag., an S&W M-24 4" .44 Special, or a stainless AMT .45 Auto.
    Just depends on the mood I'm in! Have speed loaders for all of the revolvers. My wife has a .38 Special S&W 642.
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  14. gunsinger

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    Petal, MS
    I have a .38 stashed in the truck. Another is loaded, but in the safe. Carried occasionally.
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  15. GunnyGene

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    Whatever works. They all launch bullets. ;):)
  16. LOBO

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  17. Dave

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    While I like shooting them, they are not my first choice. Semi-auto seems to be faster to put into action. I like heavy revolvers so there is the weight thing too.
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  18. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    I think they'd be just as quick into action but slower to reload for most?
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  19. Mesquite

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    Would probably wear more often,if could get away with using like Texas Ranger Gus McCall on bartender in Lonesome Dove:cool:.
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  20. Dave

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    Speed loaders are bulky. I have seen people shooting revolvers that could load as fast or faster than many with a semi-auto. Practice can take care of that problem unless you are shooting a cowboy pistol. With cowboy pistols you just need a bunch of them.

    I have timed my ability to put a revolver into action shooting multiple targets and the semi was faster. DAO semi was just as slow as the revolver. I probably need a lot of practice to even things out. My double action shots are also slower compared to a single action semi. If push came to shove, I think I could hold my own with either one. Not going to win an old fashion gun fight at high noon like the old western movies against a pro though.
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