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RIA 1911 GI sights

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Has anybody replaced the sights on their RIA GI ? If so what kind of sights did you go with ? I just called a gunsmith about getting my slide dovetailed but it's way more than I can pay at this time . I'm thinkin about getting some stake on sights , anybody with any experience on this .
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I did mine on my RIA 1911, its very easily done. Here a link to another thread talking about changing the sights
Chip McCormick use to make a drop in rear sight for 1911s, don't know if there any still around, they are listed on his website anymore. That's the rear sight I put on my Rock. Almost the same as a Novak rear sight.
Is a Colt rear sight dovetail the same as a Rock rear dovetail? If it is then this rear sight should work on a Rock. Then just get a stake on front sight.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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