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RIA 1911 GI sights

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Has anybody replaced the sights on their RIA GI ? If so what kind of sights did you go with ? I just called a gunsmith about getting my slide dovetailed but it's way more than I can pay at this time . I'm thinkin about getting some stake on sights , anybody with any experience on this .
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I'm no help on stake on sights, but a front dovetail cut should be less than $50. Was the price quoted in this ballpark? I would hope someone local could do it for that, but Rich at Canyon Creek does them for $35 and Gary at Gan's Guns charges $45. Both do good work, in my experience, but there are litterally tons of folks that could do a front dovetail. Shipping wouldn't be bad either since all you would have to send is the slide.
Gotcha. I don't know what rear cut the RIA comes with, but you'll be limited with what you can go with for the rear if you don't cut it, too. I am assuming it is the GI dovetail? There are a couple of options for that cut. This HD&C and 10-8 come to mind. If you are interested in either one, I can help you save a couple dollars off the Brownells prices. Shoot me a PM.

$175 does seem a bit high. Canyon creek is $65 for the Novak rear cut (so $100 total for front and rear) and Gan's is $80 ($125 total).
bubbat said:
Chip McCormick use to make a drop in rear sight for 1911s, don't know if there are any still around, they aren't listed on his website anymore. That's the rear sight I put on my Rock. Almost the same as a Novak rear sight.
Those were a nice option. Unfortunately, they were discontinued, so finding one might be tough.
I think so, but I am still not 100% sure which dovetail the RIA has. Also, there are wide and narrow tenon options on the front. Brownells is about as good as it gets if you need to return something though. Check you PM.
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