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RIA 1911 ??????

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I would like to know how many of ya own a Rock Island Amory 1911?? I have thought about buying one for possible carry and more for the fun of a low budget 1911 shooter...I have read great things bout this lil jewel but would like to know if anyone believes enough in them to use as a carry piece also?? My other option is an XDM9/40 but I already own a full size XD45TAC so I would like a lil 1911 and cant spend the savings on a nice SA TRP right now.....Thanks
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slabsides45 said:
Note the "Homegrown" job on the ambi safety? I was in such a rush to get the lasergrips installed that I couldn't stand it, and really don't prefer ambi safeties. So, I used some Dremel-Fu on it, and wala, instantly worked. Been planning to get it to the 'smith to get a right handed (left side) safety put on it, but just can't seem to let it go.
Why get a 'smith to do it? If I can do it, you can do it. Just need a small flat file, Brownells has how-to article on doing it. Everybody needs to learn how to do a little 'smithing cause if the SHF there aren't gonna be no gunsmiths in the boonies. :)

Bellshire Guns on gunbroker usually has the best prices on Rock Islands. $455 for the tactical with free shipping. I have never seen any locally in shops.
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