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about time to upgrade the old rest i have had forever.

Am looking at the following
JJ Industries
Farley CoaxII
Sinclair's Competition BR

my question is does anyone on here have any experience with any of the above rest.
I like both the JJ and Farley but the sinclair is a few hundred less pricey. Just looking for some first hand information before i buy one.

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Xd357 said:
and just what does "tagged" mean....?


FTBisley, from what little I've seen and know...Sinclair seems to be the ticket

You might pm X-ring or Mstropyhunter....MStropyhunter might be able to take one of those Sinclairs and "juice" it up even more for ya...man them muthas are high...

Low end starts about $300...Caddy model you talking $700 plus
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