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Purchased a Ruger 77/22 some time back. Accuracy and trigger pull competed as to which was worse.
But a Green Mountain after market barrel with target chamber on it and a Timney trigger.
Accuracy for a sporter and trigger pull are now much more pleasing.

The 77/22s all have lawyer triggers but there are a lot of aftermarket assemblies that drop in with very little or no fitting required. If you are patient or if you have an afternoon that you can run a couple of bricks through it you can accomplish pretty much the same thing. Plus you get intamately aquainted with your new rifle.

If you want a rifle that is accurate and a pleasure to shoot you have to spend more than the cost of a Ruger. However, it would be hard to buy more value than the Ruger. Plus you can cuss or customize it as you see fit.

I have a 77/17 VMBBZ that got cussed then customized before I was happy with it.
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