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Riverbilly's Sat Oct 2nd - Fill us in on the action

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OK folks...I know they got internet in Fulton, MS

Fill all us mere mortals in on the action...

Post pics to if ya got em...

How's it going....weather could not be better.....
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Alot of them were staying overnight.... and there is internet out there (on cell phones), but most everyone was taking pics/videos with cameras, not their phone. I'm sure tomm. there will be alot posted.

Ive got a good video on my phone of Mrs. Hammer shooting the .50 BMG, and the percussion blast blowing targets and ammo boxes off of the table BESIDE the table she was shooting from! Dan was the only one willing to shoot that beast with the muzzle brake removed. :D Good times.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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