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Rockin' Friday

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If someone started this, I did not see it --
Hope everyone has a great weekend.................

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I dedicate this one to @HerrZnk
Ach du lieber Gott. Die Österreicher sind noch ärgerlicher als die Bayern...
Oh Lord, the Austrians are even more irritating than the Bavarians. Though linguistically they speak basically the same dialect.
And sing the same annoying folk music.
My closest German friends live in Bavaria but they live in the north and will tell you NO I AM NOT A BAVARIAN I AM A FRANKONIAN!!! which is a different dialect and mostly different ethnic food, music, etc. Of course my family is Prussian, NE Germany (now Poland, thank you USSR). So when I told the Munich police department the joke about the difference between a yankee and a d*mn yankee, (in German of course) they all started saying "das sagen wir über die Preussen!!" (we say the same thing about Prussians!!) Only one of the Polizisten knew where my family is from so he just winked at me. My German has become mostly Fränkisch, frankonian, since I spend most of my time there. My father though wow he spoke Plattdeutsch. "Ick bin mayduh" (spelled phonetically not correctly) he would say when he was tired. Real Prussian German, but he also knew the dialects. He interpreted for German POWs during the war and ended up being transferred to Eisenhower´s staff in 1945, where he acted as a liason with local government officials who had to come in and request materials to rebuild all the stuff we had destroyed during the war. He was of course fluent, my grandparents settled in NE MI around 1898 and they did not speak English. No one did up there. Swedes and Germans. Quite an interesting mix. Cousin Ryan Zinke, former Navy Seal, was in the Trump administration for a while but said to heck with it and quit. He´s running for congress last I heard. Silly Krauts. Oh wait I resemble that remark...
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