Ruger’s PC Carbine

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    These are brand new. Released just a few months back, it is Ruger’s contribution to the pistol caliber carbine market. I knew i had to have one and when I saw this one I couldnt walk away.

    It is a 9mm, a takedown, and it has interchangeable magwell blocks and can take the Ruger SR-9 mag, as well as Glock 17/19 mags!!

    It is fairly modular system. You can move the bolt handle and mag release to the right or left side, making it easy on lefties or right hand shooters. It also has an integrated rail up front for mounting a weapon light. Plastic blocks are also included to go between the stock and butt plate so you can adjust the LOP. It is heavy. Almost 7 pounds!!

    I’m pretty impressed with the look and feel. Only fired it a few times but hope to some tomorrow if the rain moves out.
    The little Fast Fire seems about perfect on there.

    6213C4E0-6650-415B-A6EA-3F4956E62EF4.jpeg C5EADF4B-B8B5-4569-954F-19DE820E69B8.jpeg 97569904-0FA4-405C-BA1B-D33329B96D89.jpeg
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    Friend & i were just talking yesterday, that those looked fun to shoot.
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    a lot better thought out than their 1st pc carbines!
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    Waiting on the.40 or .45
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    I own one of the older PC-9 and a Ruger 44 mag carbine. I would kinda like one now in 40.
    Lots of new features on the new carbine. One great thing about the 9mm is you can now get good ammo at good prices. You will enjoy it.
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    Nice one.
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    Nice, please post as you continue to run rounds through it. I was hoping they'd make a mag block for the Beretta M9 / 92FS magazine as well, but Glock mags are pretty easy/cheap to buy. A 9mm carbine is a handy thing to solve a lot of problems around the farm.
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  10. Ruger packed a lot of nice features into this new model , especially for the price point approx 550.00 . The weight of it doesn't bother me, kind of like the fact that it has a heavier fluted barrel. Quality control of assembly seems excellent (also has ring to adjust headspace) IMO Ruger has done a fantastic job with providing their customers a quality pistol caliber rifle at modest price point. Yes , I would love to see more caliper options in the future but this is a great start. I also liked the way they introduced their new product line at the beginning of the year ( without being leaked out) it was a pleasant surprise.
    What version of Glock mags are you guys running in it ? I'am hoping to use the 17 gen 3 9mm mags . Can anyone confirm these work in this rifle?
    Looking forward to hearing more input from you guys .. :)
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    My G17 is a gen 3. Those are the mags I’m using.
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    ets mags were cheap at botach? if you buy 6 or more. at the time I was able to get 2 17rnd's,2 22rnd's, and 2 31rnd's for around $60 shipped. if I knew then i'd be putting a "not" stock on my 17 I would of got 6 31 rounders!
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    Is it "kar bine" like combine; or "kar bean" like a car and a bean?
    Always wondered.
    Nice handy rifle anyways. I always regretted not getting their .44 carbine.
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    Nice true (and first to go in the weeds on this thread!) Ruger carbine story: Mother of my best friend / best man/ Godfather of our children always hunted with her Ruger .44 magnum. Kept the freezer full with deer. One Sunday morning she calls the minister to say she'll be late to service; she was washing dishes and a big doe walked out and was grazing in the back yard (this on her farm in Simpson County) among the blueberry bushes. Mrs. S raised the window above the sink and shot the deer with that .44 Ruger carbine. Called her grandsons (my "nephews") and told them to come clean that doe, she was going to church. Told everyone that was the first and only time she had shot a deer while wearing high heels.
    May she RIP, she was a heck of a woman!
    Resume regular programing
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