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I had one of these in the standard wood blue. My oldest boy shot the biggest deer he has taken to date with it. Unfortunately I gave it to him and it followed him to Ft Stewart Ga. He has taken some hogs and a couple of deer with it down there. I have bought several rifles since this one and there just always seems to be a void. I told my youngest he could have it in the event I pass. I did mess up and buy a 300wthby in that same rifle but it just hurt my ears to much. I have never seen a gun go up in price over the years as much as this one.
I called mitch's gun shop up in Hamilton and I could have walked out the door with a regular wood blue 25-06 new in box for 600.00 +tax. Ihave not figured why these are kinda cheaper than others garys had one for like 650.00 same caliber. There must be something to that caliber in that rifle. I know alot of people love that caliber. Mitch has also got a 308 just like mine for like 7something it is listed on guns of america. That is a great deal on that rifle it was a limited run I just did not want a 308.
I have owned alot of rifles but when I sell one of these the space does not get filled until i have another. This ones is here to stay.
Good caliber hope you enjoy
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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