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Ruger 22 /45 pistol

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I bought one last year with fiber sights as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Has any one got one? how do they shoot? haven't had time to try it yet?
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I sighted my 22/45 in yesterday and boy am i suprised..
15yds off hand and i could almost cover up 10 shots with a quarter shooting Federal red bulk.
I might break out the wolf or federal gold match and see what she can do!
BearsBoy said:
Looks like I'm getting a 22/45 Hunter for the wife ;-) tomorrow. We were at Vans to check different pistols to see how they felt to her. The P22 fit the best but as we were leaving an acquaintance that we happened to see there mentioned that he had a 22/45 Hunter that he would sell. I doubt he has shot it knowing him and the $ is really right.
Get it!!! if you dont let me know who it is :lol4:
They shoot soo good..

i just posted my pics from yesterday with my ammo test

Hum... prolly the cheapest cause i like to shoot ALOT...

the Minimags group really good and they are decent priced... but for all out blasting... Federal Red bulk pack
Shoots good? with what ammo ? :D

1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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