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Ruger 22 /45 pistol

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I bought one last year with fiber sights as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Has any one got one? how do they shoot? haven't had time to try it yet?
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BearsBoy said:
...mentioned that he had a 22/45 Hunter that he would sell. I doubt he has shot it knowing him and the $ is really right.
Ya better jump on it!!
BearsBoy said:
Looks like I'm getting a 22/45 Hunter for the wife ;-) tomorrow. We were at Vans to check different pistols to see how they felt to her. The P22 fit the best but as we were leaving an acquaintance that we happened to see there mentioned that he had a 22/45 Hunter that he would sell. I doubt he has shot it knowing him and the $ is really right.
Get it!!! if you dont let me know who it is :lol4:
I'm just waiting for him to get home this evening and it's a done deal!
They shoot soo good..

i just posted my pics from yesterday with my ammo test

I'll check out the pics tonight since they block them here at work.

What ammo would your pick be for the 22/45 and the 10/22 if you were going with just one?
Hum... prolly the cheapest cause i like to shoot ALOT...

the Minimags group really good and they are decent priced... but for all out blasting... Federal Red bulk pack
I finally shot mine, I was very impressed with the fiber optic sight. Even with tri focals I could group.
Shoots good? with what ammo ? :D

nonnieselman said:
Shoots good? with what ammo ? :D

I'm pleased with how it shoots. I've posted sample targets hiither and yon in these MS-G-O forums.

What ammo? Some old (might even say very old) Remington High Speed "Golden Bullet" 22 LR. Am down to the last of it and will be switching over to some newly purchased stuff. Can't recall what it is, though.
Test post
captain-03 said:
Test post

OK. Rec'd the notification of the posting.

I must be goin' nuts!
I guess i'll add my 2 cents worth on the 22/45. To date i've owned three 22/45's and one Mark II. I prefer the 22/45 just because of the way it feels in my hand. The older 22/45's are hard to beat, so if you find a good one laying around somewhere, i would jump on it! Last may i bought a new 22/45 from vans, from the beginning you could load the gun and it would shoot, but wouldn't pull a live round out of the barrel. I took it back to vans, they sent it to utica, it was sent back and told to go back to ruger......bla bla bla four months later i got another new 22/45. This one seemed to be better than the first one. I sent this one to florence for some black t, its now my woods gun/jeep gun. Works good on snakes out the door of the jeep.....im pleased with the 22/45 and would buy another one if needed.

RUGER 22/45
This must be one of those nothing-better-to-do-than-post-to-MGO days!

I started posting to this topic a little over a year ago. About time to revitalize it.

I got my first Ruger .22 auto in 1962. My mom gave it to me, probably as a birthday present (yes, Virginia, they did celebrate birthdays in those days!).

My present Ruger is their 22/45.

Now, I’ve never been accused of being particularly swift on the up-take. However, I finally reached the conclusion that the Ruger triggers are a tad sloppy.

I did a little research on replacement triggers for the 22/45 and settled on the Volquartsen Target Trigger (you can take a peek at this at:

The trigger has both pretravel and overtravel adjustments.

So we made the change.

Shot the 22/45 with the new trigger yesterday (Thursday, 4/7). It was crisp. And I liked that. May have to play a bit with the pretravel and overtravel.

Downside? Still can’t hit the broad side of a barn!
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