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Ruger American in .308. Customer said his last shot of last deer season locked it up. No known reason. I poured penetrating oil down the Barrel and let it sit for a week before attempting to extract the fired case. A few taps on the Bolt Handle from a dead blow hammer and it popped out. Face of the Bolt was dirty, but no damage to Extractor or Ejector. The exterior of the brass was rough and pitted. No noticeable damage to the Primer or case mouth. Bore was dirty, so it all went into the sonic cleaner for a quick scrub. Then looked at the Bore & Chamber with the Borescope (any excuse to use my new Hawkeye Bore Scope). Chamber rusty & rough, bore looked good. Honed out the Chamber with a 400 grit FLEX-HONE, then finished it with an 800 grit. Back into the sonic cleaner, function check and test fired.

Vance Moore

Whynot Gunsmith Shop

Meridian, Mississippi

Facebook: Whynot Gunsmith Shop

Instagram: vance_gunsmith
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