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Ruger LCP

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Just picked up a Ruger LCP at Academy. It makes my Glock 26 feel like a 2X4 in my pants. This thing will be perfect when I have to dress where I can't really conceal a thick gun in dress clothes or something. I know a lot of people don't like the .380 round but to be honest with you, I'm not too worried about it. I picked up a Blackhawk pocket holster and this thing is a dream to carry around. It feels like a wallet in my pocket.
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shot it yet?

Let us know how it feels and shoots...

I have one...have not shot it yet....
Mine will be for sale soon...I'll post it on another thread when I've made up my mind
G36 is the thinline Glock 45 acp...6 rd mag...very nice gun...still not a stick in your pocket of your swim trunks at the beach...The LCP defnatley excels in concealment..

Guess I need to go bust a cap with mine ...

They sure seem to have a big following....that's good...I need bolt gun money :evil:
wallet holsters are nice...I had one with my P3AT before it was stolen...

He buddy you want my wallet...no problem...

Someone was shot in Jafica Sunday when they refused to cough up a wallet.....

sure buddy hang on a sec....wallet coming Bang...Yep LCP fills the bill there

G36's have small grips by Glock standards...its thin...only holds 6 rds of God's caliber
The XD's were still big....The XDM solves the problem...and it was S&W M&P who came out with the first interchangeable grip panels...a God send to folks with small hands.....and that would be me...don't know why I've never bought one...a M&P that is.... :thinking:

1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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