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We bought 4 Ruger Mark III 5.5" blued pistols for our Gun Club Program. Three of them did not function well straight out of the box. When fired the case being extracted from the chamber would turn backward in the ejection port and the round from the magazine would jam against it. I found out the magazines are too long for some pistols. The rim from the extracting ctg case hits the top of the magazine lips and prematurely separates from the extractor, flips over and double loads. There is a simple fix. File off the top of the magazine lips until an empty case being extracted from the chamber clears the mag lips and strikes the ejector. Since this has been done to our magazines, we have had very few double loading problems.

I believe the problem lies with the new push button magazine release. The older style mag release does not usually have this problem.

Doug Bowser

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I have a problem with my MK II.

Not exactly a feed problem, but kind of.

I have like 8 Ruger factory MK II magazines.

Randomly a LR round will hang up down about half way in the magazine.

That jams the mag spring and stops the feeding.

Remove the magazine and turn it upside down and the 3 or 4 rounds above the jammed round will fall out, leaving the jammed round and all those beneath it sitting tightly in the bottom part of the magazine.

Makes no diference about the nose of the round or brand.

I cleaned all the mags and saw no change.

All (mags and gun) were bought new by me.

Once a gun screws up a few times and I can't fix it, I tend to push it to the back of the safe.

The gun is a stainless slab barrel competition target.
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