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I just bought a single six from a buddy and it has no half cock do ya'll know if any single sixs were made with out the half cock ? I thought it was broke , but I heard that some ruger .22s were made with no half cock . It shoots fine but when you load it you have to hold the hammer back with your thumb. It's a single 6 new model. Also my FIL has an old one that doesn't have the transfer bar are these worth more ?

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Yeah, new model has no half cock.

But...when you open the gate you can only turn the cylinder in one direction. So if you pass a hole, you have to go all the way back around.

I have the New Model Hunter Single Six .22/.22 magnum in stainless. It's pretty but I cannot see the front sight. I installed a 2x scope but toook it off because it just looked weird. Eventually I painted the front sight red with nail polish.

I installed a free spin pawl and now I can go in either direction with the cylinder. But it was not easy: the instructions were AWFUL and VERY poor copy of a copy reduced to save paper.

Even after I was able to read the instructions, they were not easy to follow.

And I had to do some grinding to make it stay cocked after the installation.

You can also buy an aftermarket hammer that gives you a half cock position.

And Ruger calls this progress. :(
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