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Ruger SR9c

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Just purchased a Ruger SR9c. Anybody out there have one they can tell me about it?
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The SR Series Rugers have caught my eye as well and I have not read anything negative about the SR9C anywhere. I have been resisting the temptation to pick up an SR40, if they don't release an SR40c soon. Congrats on the new purchase, you will have to let me know how it shoots.

Yes Ruger has done a fine job on this one. I have never picked up a gun for the first time and shot as well as I did with the SR9c. Felt good and has a clean trigger. Thanks to Matt letting me shoot his, my wallet will get a little lighter next time I run across one of these for sale.
I just got one from from Van's yesterday. Put 100 rounds through it so far with no issues. Really like this little gun.

+1 On cleaning it thoroughly before firing. Mine had oil all in it and inside of the magazines.
Congrats on the purchase Tom!

If anyone else is looking for one of these. The Outfitters has them for 419.00, cheaper than buds on the stainless model.
no clue, definitely weird though. Thoughts it was just a sun/camera angle thing at first but It looks like the white stuff falls to the ground
1 - 6 of 30 Posts
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