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Ruger SR9c

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Just purchased a Ruger SR9c. Anybody out there have one they can tell me about it?
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Well, ya'll have convinced me..... I've been looking at the SRC for a while....thinking the 9 will be more controlable than the 40.... Ok, here I go...will report back once I have it!!! Thanks for the reports. BTW, the feedback on Buds is 99% - 5 stars as well....
Got it Friday, cleaned Friday night...was LOADED with GREASE from the factory..... Shot it this afternoon, 150 rounds Federal 115gr FMJ....perfect performance from 10 rnd and 17 rnd mags, handles nicely, good consistent trigger - not too heavy, not too long - but heavy and long enough pull for safe CC, draws well from blackhawk holster, and seems very accurate. I was concerned at first since the finish/machining was pretty rough looking....and I noticed a small scratch in the slide and a small scratch on the feed ramp...
I agree 100% with YROC - this gun shoots great for the first time ever shooting it, and me personally not having shot a Ruger auto in >15 years.

A++++++ for the SR9c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:
I'm gonna run a couple more boxes of FMJ, then some PD ammo to ensure the same function, reliability, and accuracy with the hollowpoints, then will carry this one. :)
I thought about the bright stainless... but I like the way black guns look....and according to Ruger, the black is coated stainless.... paid $405 at Buds, free ship to FFL, $25 transfer... 3 days from on-line order to pick up in town....not too shabby....
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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