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Ruger SR9c

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Just purchased a Ruger SR9c. Anybody out there have one they can tell me about it?
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How well do you like the holster in your avatar? I saw one like that, and was considering it. I had a bid on one, but you know how that goes. Who made it?

If anyone is still on the fence about this gun, get one. I could not be more happy with mine.

I went with a frind of mine shooting today. Put another 50 flawless rounds through the SR9c. Also took my new 709 Slim. (great CC gun) and the wife's new Bersa 380. In this vid, we found a block of ice that has been in the shade in a washtub. The first shot was with a Remington Golden Saber +P 124 Gr. You can see what looks like a white tracer from the gun to the ice. I have never seen anything like this. Any clues?

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1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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